Materialising Healthcare Research through Academia-Industry Collaboration

Bioartificial Pancreas
Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes

About Us

  • Invitreo specialises in materialising deep technology healthcare research through academia-industry collaboration

  • Innovation is a challenging process and going from an idea/translating research into a marketable finished product is never easy. Only 30% of research outcomes in academic institutions have been utilized for commercialization and the rest have remained as research projects alone.
  • One of the key elements of innovation is collaboration.
  • The collaborative process is more than working together. It means the ability to think together and act on complex projects. In both mature and newly industrialized technology-based economies, strong collaborative relationships between research universities and private industries are found to be an important feature of the national innovation system.
  • We identify the feasibility of the research project in terms of its implications in healthcare and work towards materializing it into adaptable technology that has commercial viability. We partner with reputed academic institutions for joint product development or do a technology transfer, in order to get the product into the market in the shortest time possible. Our products have deep technology at their core, thereby making them unique, protected and hard to reproduce.
  • Our aim is to identify research as an industry and create a paradigm shift in healthcare.


Dr Usha Sriram

Medical Advisor | American Board Certified Endocrinologist & Diabetologist

Dr Sheo Mohan Singh

Technology Advisor | Distinguished Professor & Stem Cell Expert

Ullastiina Ahlsten

Country Head - Invitreo Finland

Vikram Visvanathan

Founder & CEO | Healthcare Entrepreneur

Arun Venkatraman

Global Head of Innovation Management